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a birthday party


I spent the weekend celebrating my birthday with my favorite people!  Saturday afternoon we hosted a wonderful potluck with some of the most delicious food! Chris made my favorite ribs on the BBQ, My bestie Nic  (ibbyandpop) brought her delicious quiche (hopefully she’ll post the recipe on her beautiful blog), We had salads; chickpea, caesar, and cabbage. Homemade mac’n cheese, awesome mini baked potatoes and a HUGE spread of meats and cheeses, banana cupcakes and of course beer and wine for all. This year we choose to include EVERYONE that meant even our new little friends. We stuffed a pinata with candy (for us) toys, stickers and gold star confetti!  It was one of the most special birthdays I have ever had. I can not thank everyone enough for coming and sharing the day with me.

Thank you, Chris for capturing it and making another incredible video for me! I love you!








Beautiful photo’s of the party and lots of amazing recipes and stunning photo’s check-out:



hot chocolate + spiced rum

hot chocolate

We decided to head up to the cottage last weekend. It was insane, I have never seen or walked through so much snow.  We hiked in Friday night, in the dark, with the puppy and snow up to our knees. When we finally got to the cottage we didn’t notice just how cold the powerless cottage was. We had totally bundled up for the 20 minute hike, which left us hot and exhausted. We lit a fire, turned on the power, and plugged in the electric blanket and before we knew it we were shivering waiting for the cottage to warm up.

We decided to make a warm drink. We had packed a small mickey of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, hot chocolate and some cream. We quickly boiled some water mixed our hot chocolate and topped it off with cream and rum. It was the perfect. A few hours later the cottage was toasty and we were excited for the rest of the weekend. We spent Saturday wandering around the wintery wonderland (by then some of the snow was up to our waist!), reading, watching movies and of course eating.










cara’s cocktail

IMG_1965We just returned home from a great weekend at the cottage. We spent 3 days and 2 nights with friends eating , fishing and laughing. Oh, and…drinking. We took lots of pictures this weekend and I have been working on putting them together in some sort of happy blog order. I thought maybe the best way would be to group them in a couple different posts. The first one being Cara’s Cocktails because it sorta started off the Saturday.

After arriving on the Friday evening drinks in hand and covered in mosquito bites. We spent the first night getting settled and finishing off most of the beer we (painstakingly)  brought up. Laughing and talking till sun started to peek through the trees. We woke up Saturday to a huge wonderful (hung over) breakfast that Cara and Tavis brought up. Then headed down to the dock  with our coffee to set up our blankets, fishing gear and our afternoon drinks. After we dunked our aching hung over heads in the cold lake (and Chris dove in for a cold sobering dip), the guys then took off to the car to collect the rest of the beer and wander around the island. We were left at the dock with the all the ingredients needed for the cocktails. These super easy and sugary sweet “booze on booze” drinks will get the afternoon started with a warm giggle filled buzz. We polished off a few by the time the boys got back. By late afternoon, early evening we all had rosy red sunburnt cheeks and had all caught more fish then we could count. The rest of the weekend  was full of more drinks, food and bonfires.

I wish we had a larger cottage and could fit more people. The cottage is so much fun with friends. We are going to have to figure out a way to squeeze a few more people into our little two bedroom cottage….we also may need an extra bathroom.



Booze-on-booze Cocktails


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