hot chocolate + spiced rum

hot chocolate

We decided to head up to the cottage last weekend. It was insane, I have never seen or walked through so much snow.  We hiked in Friday night, in the dark, with the puppy and snow up to our knees. When we finally got to the cottage we didn’t notice just how cold the powerless cottage was. We had totally bundled up for the 20 minute hike, which left us hot and exhausted. We lit a fire, turned on the power, and plugged in the electric blanket and before we knew it we were shivering waiting for the cottage to warm up.

We decided to make a warm drink. We had packed a small mickey of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, hot chocolate and some cream. We quickly boiled some water mixed our hot chocolate and topped it off with cream and rum. It was the perfect. A few hours later the cottage was toasty and we were excited for the rest of the weekend. We spent Saturday wandering around the wintery wonderland (by then some of the snow was up to our waist!), reading, watching movies and of course eating.












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