“You make dinner, I’ll do the dishes”

I can’t cook, I try…sometimes. My successful recipes include toast, sometimes frozen pizza (sometimes It’s burnt on the bottom and the cheese is still frozen on top). My boyfriend loves to cook and can whip up something mouth wateringly delicious out of what we randomly have in the fridge (which never seems to include the vegetables I recently bought at the market), my best friend makes cooking look like a beautiful effortless piece of cake (http://www.ibbyandpop.com) and my oldest friend has recently decided to ditch the bars and our mid-week bitchfest to enroll in culinary school.

This usually leaves me begrudgingly offering to help…not that I don’t want to (I REALLY DO!) but offering my help usually consists of chopping vegetables. Uncertain of even how to cut some of them and the ones I know…”like in chunks? or like vertically??” this question usually gets a smile or an eye-roll. They inevitably have to stop doing what they’re doing to show me…which in the end doesn’t so much help them but, distract them and cause dinner preparation to take twice as long as they had intended. Those in my life (that have seen my cooking struggle) anticipate this, and now delightfully pull up a chair and very sweetly tell me that just keeping them company is helpful enough (I love my friends). However, living with someone I love so very much and never cooking isn’t exactly fair. I’ve done my best to redeem my food karma by offering to do the dishes while he cooks….and after a year or so I have done many…too many and his “I love cooking for you” doesn’t sound as warm and convincing as it used to.

At 31 I have made the decision to stop doing the dishes. I will attempt to make dinner (and not 1/2 frozen pizza). Really awesome homemade healthy dinners that will be as perfect and beautiful as those pictures you always see on those fancy food blogs. Some may suck but some won’t (right?)!Cause all you need is practice. So I’ll practice…




  1. Dro

    Love you, love this, love it all!!! Once this baby pops out feel free to come and experiment for me as you know I love a good meal!!! xoxo

  2. LAUREN L.

    What a wonderful blog. Your writing style is so funny and touching. It’s a really great blog. Can’t wait to read more.

  3. Dana @ Celiac Kiddo

    Great idea for a blog! I’m rooting for you :)

    Random sidebar, I only knew how to cook scrambled eggs and rice krispie treats when I met my husband-to-be at age 26. He taught me how to cook and THEN conveniently forgot how :) I’m now the main “cooker” and he is (usually) in charge of dishes. Funny how things turn out. I’m no master chef, but since I can’t stand doing dishes, I guess I’ll keep it up.

  4. offwall

    Do you accept sponsors/ad’s? I haven’t seen any on your site. Do you have an email to be contacted directly?

  5. Toni

    Thanks for liking my “Strawberry Soup” post! I love the name of your blog and your “About Me” could be…well, about me. I love the idea of cooking…just not the act of it…but I’m trying! You’ve got a new follower!

  6. celestedimilla

    Haha! I love your about page. I’ve been a terrible cook for most of my life, so I’ve relied mostly on take out and frozen food. A year and a half ago, however; I took a healthy cooking class at Whole Foods Market that made me change my ways. I realized just how unhealthful my eating was and I couldn’t rely on frozen food anymore. So, like you, I started to learn how to cook. I’m still not fabulous, but I’m much better than I used to be. Thanks for liking a post on my blog – it’s how I found you. Your blog is awesome!! Celeste :)

  7. misha

    your blog is probably one of the greatest full page format blogs i’ve seen yet. your photos are huge and high quality, and it just makes me want to scroll until the cows come home.

    anyone can be an amazing cook. just like you said, all it takes is practice. and it looks like you are well on your way. i’ll definitely stop in time to time to see how your journey to super-chef is coming along. ;)

  8. jon

    BEST IDEA FOR A FOOD BLOG. I love your writing and of course your incredible photo’s!
    Have you taken a writing class? or photography class?

  9. dreamiliscious

    I found you totally randomly via another post not even about food… but all things lead back to food, don’t they? Anyway, you are adorable and your blog is really fun and straight up. I used to say I did ‘something else’ for food (not dishes – wink wink), but I too have been dabbling in the kitchen and having fun with it. My hubby and I enjoy cooking together too, on a long lazy weekend. A votre sante’

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