slow poached


Saturday morning we woke up super early (thanks to our hyper morning puppy). I had been talking about trying David Chang’s ‘Slow Poached Eggs’ after watching him make them on Mind of a Chef.

I love poached eggs! Surprisingly, I’m not terrible at making them either. This seemed like a fairly simple way to make them. Takes MUCH longer but, it seemed pretty easy. It wasn’t (well not for me). I spent an hour staring at the thermometer adjusting the heat to keep it where it was supposed to me. I wasted a bunch of eggs testing to see if it they were done yet. In the end, they weren`t as amazing as I really wanted them to be.




Fit a large pot with a smaller pot upside down in the bottom (so eggs do not touch bottom of the pot) or try using a steamer basket and fill with water. Place over low heat .

Heat water to between 60 – 63 degrees c(140 and 145 degrees F) and gently add eggs to pot. I noticed when the water had reached 60 degrees C (tiny bubbles will began to form). Once the poaching began, the eggs themselves became coated with tiny water bubbles, and on occasion you’d see a bubble rise up and break through the surface.

Cook eggs 45 minutes – 60 minutes, checking temperature regularly. I tried to distract myself snapping photo’s of random things around the kitchen…but every time I wandered back over the temp would be just below or get to hot.

I even turned the oven off a few times to keep temp. between (60c – 63c). I also checked my first egg at 45min (I didn’t think it was done). It wasn’t until around 60 minutes it looked good.

Crack top of egg off and pour into clean hands. Let the clear liquid pour off (you might have to give it a little wiggle) then delicately place on the plate.




We stacked up our brunch, fresh Pumpernickel bread (toasted), peameal bacon,  sweet potato latka and finally topped with the slow poached egg.  I sprinkled a little Parmesan cheese, cracked pepper and a little hot sauce.





  1. bec {daisy and the fox}

    this looks like a fab breaky! mmm perfectly poached :)
    and love your toppings of sweet potato and parmesan – yum!

  2. homemadeinhk

    we have always wanted to try various methods to make the perfect slow-poached egg. yours looks perfect! will definitely try with your way =] thanks for sharing!

  3. jon

    Wish my wife spent hours in the kitchen making me breakfast! THIS LOOKS GREAT!…and sounds like a really long annoying struggle to make something you can make the ol’fashioned way.
    Your photo’s are really excellent.

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