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I got the idea for this post (techniques for cutting onions without tears) from a friend. After talking about the idea with my bestie I received a text “I know how”. She wouldn’t tell me what it was so  I continued to research and found I was not the only one looking for the secret. There were zillions of posts about this and millions of tips ranging from lighting candles to goggles (Ya! ONION GOGGLES! crazy right?!?). There were some I saw over and over again and decided I would try those.

1. Put onion in the freezer a few minutes before cutting: Didn’t work.


2.Chop near a flame: Not even close. My eyes were burning from the first cut and had to force myself through blurry tearful eyes to finish cutting the onion


3.Cut an onion in half then rinse under cold water: The burn started after the first cut…So I’m not entirely sure if this one worked or not. Maybe I have sensitive eyeballs (is that possible?)


4. Stick a piece of bread in your mouth while cutting the onion: After my boyfriend laughed in disbelieve when first hearing this from me yesterday. I really, really wanted it to work….it didn’t, not even a little bit.


5.Wet a knife in cold water before cutting onion: This was “working” I guess. Until about 1/2 way through cutting up the onion…then the big ol’crocodile tears started pouring.


6. Chew gum: I assume this came from wherever the idea  behind the bread one came from. Doesn’t work.


7. Onion Goggles: I did not try this one…but, as of today I will be on a search for them.

After a long evening and red puffy eyes you can bet I will be on the phone with my bestie first thing tomorrow to find out the onion secret. I believe I’ve earned it….at least I hope so.

All the awesome pictures were taken by my super talented, wonderful and cute boyfriend! :) Thank you My Love!

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