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I can’t figure out what I want to make anymore…it seems I have found a million recipes and none of them seem exciting. I’m also been on a burger bender. A few months ago it was taco’s. We went to every Mexican restaurant in Toronto …lately it’s been diner burgers. We decided to head to Ikea today (which is really far away…or I think it is. I don’t really know exactly where it is. But, it feels like it takes forever to get there). I wanted to get some cheap stuff to help jazz up my food pictures, maybe some new dishes…. or something? Today I took the camera to snap random pictures on our way there. Turns out Ikea is really close to a burger place my boyfriend has been wanting to try. It was GREAT! The burgers, fries and onion rings were all awesome. Anyways…the trip didn’t help me feel inspired. I don’t want to make burgers…so I’m back to not knowing what to make next…

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