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I spent most of my day lounging around looking through old magazines and drinking too much coffee (but that’s what weekends are for). I was delighted to see ‘Herb & Dorothy’ on Netflix! I grabbed a cozy blanket and another cup of coffee and watched the cutest documentary on the coolest art collectors in history (personal opinion). I’m crazy about them. The movie interviews incredible New York artists (all gushing about how wonderful Herb and Dorothy are). To be honest I haven’t heard of a few (or many….most) of the over 1000 artist they have pieces by. But, I ache with jealously knowing they have a couple works by some of the most brilliant in conceptual and minimalist art.



At about noon I started to get hungry and headed to the kitchen to see what I could find ( I was craving egg’s benedict, but knew I didn’t have everything). Eggs, sweet potato and some baby arugula. I was set to make something…wasn’t sure really what…. I’m not very good at poaching eggs . But, today out of nowhere I NAILED IT! I was my lucky day!


First I washed and sliced up the sweet potato and brushed both sides with oil. I laid them on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven (around 350). After about 10 min I flipped them over. I’m not very good at cutting them all the same size….so once a piece was brown on both sides I took it out and put it aside until they were all browned.


I then poached my egg. I’m really, reeeeally not good at this. Today I followed the directions off Smitten Kitchen and it came out PERFECT!

  • First, heat a pot with a few inches of water in it.
  • Put a splash of vinegar in the water.
  • You don’t want boiling water. You don’t want simmering water.
  • Break an egg into a small dish.
  • Make a whirlpool spatula.
  • Slide the egg into the middle of the whirlpool.
  • Cook 3-4min.
  • Scoop it out with a slotted spoon.

*For more details and description check out smitten kitchen (really, it was super helpful!)


I made a small salad with baby arugula, red pepper, goat cheese and some chopped walnuts. It was a WONDERFUL!  yummy brunch. Now….back to the couch for more lounging.

lorna simpsonLorna Simpson

robert mangold

Robert Mangold




    You should have a lifestyle blog! I love your cooking adventures so much, I want to hear more. I love your style and your home (where you take photo’s). You seem so awesome EXPAND! EXPAND!

  2. jamiedean

    Your blog is very cool. I was wondering about your profile photo. I get that it suits your blog (the whole edgy grainy thing). I’m a professional photographer and would love to take a few shots of you that you could use online. Let me know :)

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