So 10 days into 2013 and I think I have decided what my resolutions should be. I say ‘should’ because I love the idea of resolutions but the reality is I rarely ever accomplish keeping them.

The first one is to post at least once a week.  I have not only improved my kitchen skills but I definitely found I have much more confidence in cooking, thanks to this blog. I learned a lot about what  I feel comfortable with and what things I find more challenging (hence the repetitiveness in a lot of the recipes). I find as I get more comfortable doing things I sorta stick to them cause they become much easier (like making soups and roasting vegetables)…I’m really going to try to challenge myself more this year.

I also want to be more creative in posting. I LOVE taking pictures, the photo obsession started in high school (one of my first jobs was working in a photo lab). But,  I’m passionate about taking photo’s of people mainly.  I also realized the pictures I love taking and the photography I find myself mesmerized by is black and white …B/W portraits aren’t really conducive to food blogging. As I try to get better at taking the pictures for each post, I need to find away to be more creative about documenting the recipe and my experience without boring or frustrating myself. I love the video that was done for my Christmas post and will try to do some things a little differently this year.  I’m  also fortunate to  know incredible food bloggers, bloggers and some badass cooks. I would like to include them more in my blog. As much as I try to teach myself things through reading and watching YouTube…I always find it easier when I have the opportunity to ask questions.

Wow, in my head that didn’t seem like a major resolution but now looking over it typed…I’m a little overwhelmed (eek!)…..Oh man, and that was just the plan for my blog. My other resolutions include budgeting better for school, Chris and I cooking at LEAST 6 days a week (instead of ordering) spending more time enjoying wonderful art and restaurants. I also want to learn about opera (ya.I’m sorta weird). I wanted to spend the year only taking black and white photo’s (obviously not for the blog. My personal photo’s of my posse and life in general). Then there are of course, the annual all-star resolutions that show up every January: stop smoking, chill on my excessive coffee consumption and make healthier lifestyle choices in general (ugh.)

I can’t imagine how uuuber boring this post is to read for anyone else other then myself. I am truly sorry. I think it’s important to put these resolutions out into the universe in hopes that it will make myself more accountable for keeping them.

Now back to food. I have a brand new post in the works just struggling to get my photo’s how I want them. New post will be up in a few days (promise)!!


Thank you for listening to my resolution rant xo



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