french onion soup

ImageWell it’s a good thing I never claimed I could cook. As promised I will post my successes and my failures…and boy, did I fail.

After my first post I fearlessly bound into my second recipe. A basic French Onion soup…It was awful. My sweet boyfriend smiled and ate his soup and reassured me it was “good”….it wasn’t. He’s so sweet (lol). I barely filled the bowls knowing i wouldnt be able to get through. It tasted like onion mulled wine and took FOREVER! there is a very good chance after posting this I might head back to the kitchen for a late night grilled cheese.

Everything started off great the onions were caramelizing (that sounds weird..but you get the idea), I grated the cheese, things were going well. I added the wine and broth…everything was good… I just had to wait the last 20-30 minutes. 20-30 Minutes came and went and it still tasted as though I had just poured in the cup of wine (I put in the right amount, I double…triple check these things). I waited longer, until we (my boyfriend and I ) couldn’t stand the hungry pains. I scooped it into the onion soup bowls  topped it with the toasted bread and cheese and into the broiler.

At first it didn’t taste too bad….but I didn’t finish it.  I love food, I eat lots (like A LOT for a girl) it has been a very long time since I havent been able to finish my dinner. I wanted to like it. I hated it.

I was even considering posting the site I got the recipe from. But, thought starting a food blogging war (can you imagine!?! when I can’t even cook! lol) this was coming more from my hungry belly then from a rational logical place. In the end I’m sure it must have been me, not the recipe. However I will post the recipe and caution you to maybe not try it.


6 onions (sliced)
3 garlic cloves (crushed)
3 cups of beef broth
2 glasses of red wine (1 to drink…you’ll need it)
Tablespoon of butter
1/2 tsp flour

Slices of toasted baguette
Grated cheese
Salt and pepper


On a medium heat, in the pot add the butter, once hot add to it all the onions and garlic. You need the onions to soften and golden, approximately an hour. This will give a lot of the flavor to your soup. Add flour and stir.

Then you can add your stock, wine, salt and pepper. Reduce the heat and leave for 20-30 minutes.Image

Whilst (huh?) you soup is simmering turn your oven on to 180C. Then toast your baguette slices. Once your soup is cooked add at least half your soup in an oven safe dish, place the toast to cover the entire dish and sprinkle cheese on top. Place in the oven for 20 minutes.

Like I mentioned earlier. I will not be making this again ( Maybe it would have been better if i was listening to some Carla Bruni or something). I will however post again…I might be done with soup for now. Hopefully my next attempt at dinner will be better

*fingers crossed


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